Saturday, 27 October 2018

How to Improve English Vocabulary using Google

Google Word Coach
Google, the big 'G' always wins the game when it comes to creativity. From just a search engine, it has been an adventurous journey for Google to become a multi-billion dollar company. They're consistently launching new updates, features to the search results. On the other hand, quite productive applications like Google keep, To-do tasks have also been launched.
Recently, Google launched a Word Coaching Game that will consistently improve your vocabulary.
Here are the STEPS to get started:

STEP #1: Search for 'Google word coach'

STEP #2: Play Your First Vocabulary Builder Game

STEP #3: Keep Playing until you get this:

STEP #4: Click on 'Add' button, you'll find an icon in the menu named Word Coach

That's it, keep playing this game regularly and your vocab skills will get a boost up 🔥

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